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Panopto, the leading video content management system for Higher Education, is now available to use for all UL staff and is integrated in Sulis (see video). Panopto is a cloud-based video platform that facilitates the recording, sharing, editing and management of video content (by staff and students).

It is integrated with Sulis and can be accessed from your computer, laptop or mobile device. A Panopto icon will appear in the tools menu on the left-hand side of your Sulis site. See here for a quick start guide.

Cameras and microphones are installed in General Teaching Spaces in UL to allow live teaching sessions to be recorded. Details of rooms that are Panopto enabled are published here as the equipment is installed. Select the ‘Centrally Bookable Rooms Only’ dropdown option for a detailed room list.

Panopto-MS Teams integration

The Panopto integration for MS Teams is now available. This integration allows MS Teams meeting recordings to be automatically uploaded into Panopto and should make it easier for you to locate your MS Teams recordings in Panopto, edit them, add captions, and share your recordings with your students.

Full details of this new feature in Panopto is available in the user guide: MS Teams and Panopto for Teaching staff.

Panopto Captioning

When you create/upload a video or audio file to Panopto automatic speech recognition (ASR) captions in English are automatically generated and added to your recording, making your online content more accessible. The Panopto machine-generated captions provide approximately an 85-95% accuracy rate which may vary based on the audio sound quality of your recording and the topics being presented. The machine-generated captions can be edited via the Panopto editor. 

Multiple language ASR Captioning.

It is now possible to change the default ASR captioning language for a folder in Panopto from English to a second language.  ASR captioning is now supported for the following languages: Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Italian.  (Please note Irish is not currently supported.)

Any new videos/audios uploaded or created in a folder where the default caption language has been changed will now have captions in the language chosen. Note, the captions will only change for new content and existing content will not be affected. As a workaround, if you need to change the language of captions for existing recordings you will need to download the recording and then re-upload them to this folder for the captions to change to the preferred language.   

Full details on multiple language ASR captioning are available at this link:

Training videos

User Guides

Lecture recording and data protection

While it is not necessary to obtain consent from students to the recording of live lectures, it is important to make clear to students upfront that the lecture will be recorded and that any comments/contributions they make will be captured on the recording. An opening slide, such as attached below, could be visible at the beginning of each session. In a workshop-type situation, or tutorial, where students are doing most of the speaking, asking questions or expressing reflections, it may not be appropriate to record at all (use the ‘pause recording’ function when discussions are taking place.). Certainly, where students are giving presentations, their explicit permission must be sought.

In a physical situation, usually, the capture system will only pick up the audio through a microphone, so students' voices are not usually recorded. The lecturer should repeat a question before answering it, so that it can be captured in the recording. However, in the face-to-face situation, there should also be consent given by anybody who is being recorded.

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