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Panopto, the leading video content management system for Higher Education, is now available to use for all UL staff and is integrated in Sulis (see video). Panopto is a cloud-based video platform that facilitates the recording, sharing, editing and management of video content (by staff and students). It is integrated with Sulis and can be accessed from your computer, laptop or mobile device. 

Where can I find Panopto?

Panopto can be launched directly from within Sulis. A Panopto icon will appear in the tools menu on the left-hand side of your Sulis site. 

Cameras and microphones will be installed in General Teaching Spaces in UL to allow live teaching sessions to be recorded. Details of rooms that are Panopto enabled will be published here as the equipment is installed.  Select the ‘Centrally Bookable Rooms Only’ dropdown option for a detailed room list.