All students are advised to take out comprehensive health and travel insurance. Students should note that participation in the study placement abroad does involve certain inherent risks which the exchange student must assume. The risks associated with study abroad include, but are not limited to, responsibility for damage to or loss of property, personal illness or injury and death while the exchange student is a participant in the programme. Although the University takes all necessary steps to mitigate these risks and to provide assistance in time of need, the student must take responsibility for ensuring personal safety and security during the study placement. The student must also assume responsibility for taking out adequate personal travel and health insurance, the options for which are detailed below.

Students are strongly advised to take out additional private medical insurance to cover the period of study abroad. If you have a medical insurance policy (Laya, Aviva, etc.) in Ireland, contact the insurer to ensure that you will be covered while abroad and bring a copy of your policy or policy number. In many of the US and Canadian Universities you are obliged to take out their student medical insurance specific to their university and join their scheme.  The cost of this medical insurance can vary from approx. $450-$900 in some states.  Please read the University requirements on insurance, in case joining the university scheme is mandatory, in some cases they will waive the insurance against your Irish policy once they see your policy doucments and are happy that they meet their requirements. Please be aware that in recent years, accidents involving injuries such as broken limbs have occurred to students who were under-insured while abroad, medical fees can be hugely expensive in the USA and Canada so sufficient cover is necessary to avoid serious problems for the student, their family, UL and the host University. So please be attentive to this matter.

The following websites may be useful:


Laya healthcare:

As a registered student of the University of Limerick you will also be covered by the University of Limerick Student Life Personal Accident Policy which covers basic medical expenses resulting from accidental injury, certain permanent disabilities such as loss of a limb or loss of an eye, and accidental death. This policy extends to most sporting activities except hang-gliding. Full details of this insurance cover are available from the Students’ Union. Please note that this insurance does not cover medical insurance for illness.

In addition to private health insurance, students are also strongly advised to take out travel insurance to be transported home in the case of an illness. Please be aware that multi-trip insurance policies from most insurance providers do not cover an extended period abroad.

Students may take out travel insurance from any provider of their choice. Many institutions offer travel insurance, including insurance companies (Allianz, AXA, etc.), banks (Bank of Ireland, AIB, etc.), credit unions, etc.

Please find below examples of Erasmus/Exchange insurance providers:

Oaktree Financial Services

Tel:  1890 876 077


web: /


Study & Protect (previously O’Driscoll O’Neill)

Tel: +353 (0)1 6395800




ATTN: Insurance policy must be taken out prior to travelling abroad. Cover cannot be provided once students have left Ireland.