Orientation and Registration

Host universities normally organise an orientation programme for incoming Erasmus students. It is very important to attend, as this session will provide essential information about the host University and local facilities. It may also include consultation with an Academic Advisor and enrolment.  If the host university offers a pre-sessional language course, it is advisable to take this. If the course is certified, the marks will be recognised by UL. There may be a fee for some of these courses, which you may have to pay yourself. Please check with the UL Erasmus team if you are interested in taking a pre-sessional language course, as there may be extra funding available for the fees. Erasmus Intensive Language Courses in lesser spoken languages are free.

On arrival, students should establish who their point of contact is at the host university. In many cases this will be an office similar to the International Office in UL. It can however be the academic coordinator in the department. 

Students will be required to register at the host university. The Registration process is different for every university so students should be prepared to find differences in practice between their host university and UL. Students should establish how to register as soon as they arrive at the host university.

Students will be required to register at UL as normal. Registration must be completed online by the end of Week 1.

Buddy / Mentor Programme

If the host university offers a Buddy or Mentor programme, it is a good idea to sign up for it. The Buddy Programme is a free programme whereby the host university assigns a local student (a Buddy or Mentor) to incoming Erasmus students. The ‘Buddy’ will usually greet you at the airport or the train station and help you get to your accommodation and show you around the university and the city.