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Choosing your destination

To apply for the Exchange study placement, students must submit an application form to the UL Global Office.

Before choosing a destination, students should thoroughly research the institutions with which UL has exchange agreements in the subject area of their degree. Students may select universities from the partner list for their degree programme only.

Arts students should select a partner university from one of their majors, e.g. a student studying Psychology and English may select a destination from the Psychology list or from the English list. Arts students should be aware that it is not always possible to combine both majors at the host university, therefore they may have to prioritise one subject during their exchange placement.

Information sources

Information on partner universities can be found from the following sources:

  • Read the fact sheet and student reports on the UL Global website
  • Find information on the partner university’s website (look for sections with key words such as International / Erasmus / Exchange/ Incoming students)
  • Find information on the host city
  • Consult the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) website
  • Call in to the UL Global Office. As we remain working remotely, we are running a virtual reception to assist you with your queries.

Students are also advised to contact other UL students who have attended the host university in previous years or students from that institution who have studied at UL as Erasmus students. Please contact the UL Erasmus team ( for former Erasmus students’ contact details. 

Some factors to consider

Students should consider the following factors when selecting a destination:

Courses on offer

To be discussed with Academic Coordinator

Academic calendar/Semester dates

Autumn: Semester dates can range from mid August to February. In Australia and Japan terms can run from July-November. In European universities, exams are held in January/February
Spring: Semester dates can range from January to July.

Cost of living

Check university’s fact sheet
Type “cost of living” in search box on host institution’s website


Check location on a map.
Check flights, trains, etc.

Student accommodation

University accommodation is generally not “on campus”.

European University accommodation tends to be of lower standard (and less expensive) than private accommodation.

Finding accommodation in capital cities, large cities such as Lyon, Southampton, Mannheim, and Dutch cities can prove very difficult.

Past students' reports are available on SharePoint.

Please use your ID number and usual password to log in.

If logging on externally, use the prefix UL\ before the ID number, e.g. UL\17112233

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