ERASMUS stands for EuRopean community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students.

The ERASMUS programme was originally established as the SOCRATES programme in 1987. 

It has proved to be one of the most successful projects of the European Union and now offers a wider range of opportunities under the new Erasmus+ programme. The main aim of the Erasmus+ programme is to improve students' skills and ultimately their employability as well as to support the modernisation of education and training systems across Europe.

The programme is also highly rated by employers. A recent Erasmus+ Impact Study shows that the programme enhances students’ employability abroad, improves transferrable skills and enhances career development.



The University of Limerick has participated in the ERASMUS programme since 1988 and has links with over 300 partner institutions throughout Europe, offering a wide range of possibilities.

The University of Limerick had been awarded the Best Erasmus Programme award by the Irish Education Awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

UL has the largest outgoing cohort in Ireland with approx. 500 UL students studying abroad at European partner institutions each year. The semester abroad is approved and academically recognised as part of the student's degree programme at UL.

Eight UL programmes have an integrated Erasmus semester:

LM002 - Arts

LM019 - Social Sciences

LM044 - Applied Languages

LM040 - European Studies

LM056 - International Business

LM039 - Journalism and Digital Communication

LM038 - Psychology and Sociology

LM102 - Psychology

During the semester abroad, students remain full-time registered students of UL and do not pay tuition fees at the host University.

The ERASMUS programme is self-funded. However, students studying in Programme countries receive an EU mobility grant, to assist with the added cost of living abroad. This grant should not affect any other local grant funding, for example, the SUSI grant.


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Information sessions on the Erasmus programme are held each semester. Each degree programme has an Erasmus Academic Coordinator, who can arrange information sessions and provide individual advice. UL students who would wish to participate in the Erasmus programme can contact UL Global ( for further information. Information on partner universities is available under the Partner Universities webpage.