photo of someone demonstrating physiotherapy on a person
Tuesday, 3 October 2023

The students noted that one of the reasons they chose Ireland was the opportunity to travel around Europe. Allison said “...when I was applying the idea of being able to travel while doing my education, like kind of like discover a new culture, discover just Europe and being from Canada, like North America versus Europe is very different at times, but there’s still some very similar aspects in health care .. that’s very cool”. Michael also noted a variety of opportunities: “ of the biggest reasons for myself was the placement opportunities". So as part of UL’s Master’s programme, you get opportunities to travel all throughout Ireland. So, one of my placements was in Limerick. One of them was in Laois and another one was in Kilkenny. So, you have a fantastic opportunity to see a lot of the culture while gaining experience in the field of physio”.

For Erin and Jennifer, the advantage is UL's approach to learning. Erin told us exactly what attracted her to the University of Limerick: “So, I chose UL because the class sizes are just small, like we’re only 18 in our class. So, you really have that individualized time with each of your professors. It just makes learning so much easier and you really get to be a tight knit group. So, it makes like your professional self grow as you just work with like a bunch of different people from different backgrounds".

Jennifer also noted the approach to students: “UL really looks at you as more than just your student number; they know you by name and they get to know you throughout the programme which I really appreciate”.

And an indisputable fact, as well as our pride, is the beauty of our campus. Allison is just as excited about its beauty and amenities as we are: “The campus is really beautiful. Even though it rains, … It’s still like so beautiful. There is literally a river running through it….when you walk to the library, you’re literally seeing nature around you. But then you’re also like a five-minute bus ride from a city. So that’s really nice”.