Wednesday, October 3, 2018

University of Limerick welcomes almost 3,000 international students

University of Limerick will welcome almost 3,000 international students from 100 countries to the campus this year. The international cohort includes students who have come to the university to take bachelors, masters and research degree courses as well as students visiting for one year, a semester or the summer under the Erasmus exchange and Study Abroad programmes.

University of Limerick continues to be an increasingly attractive location for international students with growth in student numbers exceeding 190% over the last seven years. As well as contributing to the learning environment on campus, the international programme will this year bring an economic injection estimated in excess of €21 million to the region.

“University of Limerick attracts students from around the world generally and specifically from our key regions of activity: USA; China; India; Middle East; South East Asia; and, West Africa.  Students and parents are becoming more aware of Ireland as an education destination and focus increasingly on the strength of the education system, the stable political environment, the high level of student support and the fact that education is through English,” said Josephine Page, director, International Education Division at UL.

UL is an internationally focused university, 30% of UL undergraduate students spend a semester abroad through the universities award-winning Erasmus+ programme or through Cooperative Education work experience. This year 620 UL students will travel to partner universities all over the world as part of the Erasmus and Non–EU Exchange Programme.

University of Limerick is a distinctive, pioneering and globally connected university, with 451 university partnerships in 66 countries around the world. UL shapes the future of its students by educating and empowering them to meet the real challenges of tomorrow.

“International students create important cultural, diplomatic and economic links between Limerick and the world.  By attracting international talent, University of Limerick ensures a culturally-rich setting for domestic students to prepare for the global work environment,” Ms Page continued.

In the 2019 QS Graduate Employability ranking, University of Limerick is ranked 201-250 globally. This high ranking position is a direct result of its strong connections with industry and the professions and a commitment to ensuring that programmes remain relevant and reflect the needs of employers. University of Limerick graduates work with some of the world’s top employers including Google, Boeing, Intel, Ernst & Young and Dell.