Alli McNamara and Global staff from other Limerick colleges holding Limerick Student City signs in front of the River Shannon
Monday, January 8, 2024

A new video promoting Limerick’s vibrant student life is ready to captivate a global audience of international students, featuring some of UL Global's student ambassadors has been launched by Limerick City and County Council. The International Limerick Student City video has been produced by the Marketing and Communications Department at Limerick City and County Council in collaboration with University of Limerick (UL), Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) and Mary Immaculate College (MIC). The video emphasises not only the academic excellence that Limerick offers but also the importance of students immersing themselves in the excitement of city life and enjoying the perfect home away from home. 

Exciting "Off-Campus" Experience 

International students can expect an exciting "off-campus" experience and feel the different kind of energy that sets Limerick apart. The video explores the cultural experiences, nightlife and leisure activities that make studying in Ireland’s sporting capital an unforgettable adventure. 

Connectivity and Academic Excellence 

Limerick's strategic location ensures excellent connectivity with Ireland’s other major cities, while Shannon Airport is a mere 20 minutes away. As the only location outside of Dublin boasting three university-level educational institutes—University of Limerick, Technological University of the Shannon, and Mary Immaculate College—Limerick stands out as a top choice for higher and further education. 

Donn O’Sullivan, Head of Marketing and Communications at Limerick City and County Council said: 

“This new International Limerick Student City video looks beyond the textbooks by emphasising Limerick’s unique blend of connectivity, academia and dynamic student life. We were delighted to collaborate with Limerick’s three Universities to present this visual showcase of our different kind of energy and how welcoming we are as a city, where every student becomes part of our global community. In Limerick, education meets life experiences and opportunities unfold at every turn.” 

Allison McNamara, Global Marketing Manager, University of Limerick said: 

“University of Limerick (UL) welcomed 3,000 international students from 100 countries to Limerick this academic year. International students create important cultural and economic links between Limerick and the world and greatly add to the cultural and ethnic diversity of Limerick, enriching us all. Limerick is a thriving global city that has so much to offer to our students from culture, history, music, and sport. International students are not only welcomed but are embraced by the local community, truly making Limerick a home away from home.” 

Greg Van Buskirk, International Student Experience Office, Technological University of the Shannon commented: 

"Limerick has long been a welcoming second home to international students and we’re thrilled to be highlighting the countless ways students can engage with the city, its people, and its culture. TUS students come from all over the world to achieve academic success and enjoy fulfilling and fun personal lives in Limerick. International students are not only welcome in Limerick, but they get to celebrate their identities and contribute to the intercultural growth of the city, which is such a special thing." 

Holly Cowman, Director of International Engagement at Mary Immaculate College said: 

“We want to commend LCCC on initiating this exciting collaboration with MIC, UL and TUS. The International Office teams at Limerick’s three higher education institutions promote our gem of a city all over the world. This video will be a really important and valuable means of telling the story of Limerick and we look forward to sharing it far and wide with prospective MIC students.”  

Limerick as a welcoming, fun and fast-paced city offering students a holistic college experience where world class opportunities for employment await. 

Limerick Student City Prospectus has been produced, capturing the essence of Limerick as a vibrant, future-focused city.  

Be part of the excitement and explore the unique student life in Limerick by watching the International Limerick Student City video

Limerick Student City is a collaboration between Limerick City and County Council, University of Limerick, Technological University of the Shannon, Mary Immaculate College and similar tertiary education organisations.