Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The University of Limerick has signed an agreement with Holland College’s School of Performing Arts, Prince Edward Island, Canada to allow graduates of  two-year Theatre Performance, Dance Performance, and Music Performance programs to enter the second year of the University of Limerick’s Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts programs.

“Agreements such as these ensure that Holland College graduates can pursue their educational and career aspirations in a seamless, cost-effective manner. Further, on this very Irish island, where a third of Prince Edward Islanders claim Irish roots, we have retained our Irishness in many ways, including through our traditional music. That foundation is very important to us as we build our Performing Arts programs, and this partnership with the University of Limerick can be a cornerstone to that effort,” said Michael O’Grady, vice president of Innovation, Enterprise and Strategic Development at Holland College.

Dr Sandra Joyce, Director of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, said of the agreement: “The ethos and values of Holland College’s approach to performing arts education resonates strongly with that of the Irish World Academy.  We are delighted to visit and to forge connections with colleagues and students.  The University of Limerick is also committed to further exploring the deep cultural connections between Prince Edward Island and Ireland, as a direct result of this partnership.”