Department of Justice Announcement New Immigration process
Thursday, 27 June 2024

The Department of Justice made the following announcement on June 17 2024:

Transfer of registration responsibility for Cork and Limerick - Immigration Service Delivery (

From 8 July 2024, students who need to renew their immigration permissions (Student Stamp 2 Category) and students who wish to apply for the Third Level Graduate Scheme (Stamp 1G Category) will need to apply for an appointment online using the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) online renewal portal. You will not need to attend any in-person appointments.

Details of the documents required for your online application can be located at the following link:

Required Documents - Immigration Service Delivery (

If you fail to submit the required documents, ISD will be unable to complete your renewal and issue an Irish Residence Permit card.

ISD Processing Times

Applications for renewal of residence permission, including when changing stamp category, will be accepted by the ISD up to 12 weeks prior to expiry to allow sufficient time for processing.

The Immigration Service website provides a live processing update for online renewal applications.  Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.

Please read the step-step user guide on engaging with ISD services for further information.

IMPORTANT - Students who have already submitted an appointment request to Limerick Immigration

•  Applicants who already have a renewal appointment before 8 July with their local immigration office, are advised to attend it as planned.

•  All other renewal applicants (Third Level Graduate Scheme and Renewal applicants) who have not yet received an appointment to attend their local immigration office may now submit an application through the online system: Online Renewal Portal.