The UL Global Alumni Ambassador Programme allows UL Global to engage with International Alumni to help promote UL and assist UL’s recruitment team around the world.

The UL Global Alumni Ambassador programme is open to all Non-EU UL alumni and candidates can apply by completing the UL Global Alumni Ambassador application form. 

At present the application process is closed and will be open again in the coming weeks. 

About the Ambassador Programme

If you wish to apply please click on the apply now button and complete the application form. 

As part of the application you should submit a 300-600 word testimonial along with 3 images of your time in Ireland.  The application testimonial outlining the alumni experience while studying at UL & include information about the alumni after they graduated, for example if they are working or involved in further education

Terms & Conditions 

  • By applying for the UL Global Alumni Ambassador programme, each applicant consents to his/ her/ they personal data being used for the purposes of assessing the UL Global Alumni Ambassador programme and consents to his/her/ their application being shared with other UL Departments and Campus Connect. 
  • By submitting an application with a testimonial, UL have permission to edit and publish the alumni testimonial with UL marketing materials even.

The UL Global Alumni Ambassador will engage in key promotional activity as part of the programme and will be expected to undertake a minimum of three activities each year.  These may include:

  1. Testimonial preparation – video/article
  2. Social Media / Campus Connect engagement and content development
  3. Answer queries/engage with prospective students to talk about student life at UL 
  4. Participate in promotional events – face to face or virtual
  5. Visit alma mater in home country school or college to present UL programmes and facilities
  6. Present and speak about UL programmes, facilities and student life in Ireland  at conferences and other events.

As a UL Global Alumni Ambassador you will receive 

  1. A Certificate of Participation in the UL Global Alumni Ambassador Programme
  2. On request, a reference from the UL Global Alumni Ambassador programme
  3. On request, a reference for their LinkedIn profile
  4. UL Global Alumni Ambassador Programme Merchandise Pack 
  • UL T-shirt
  • UL Hoodie
  • UL Wireless charger
  • UL Journal
  • UL Face Cover
  • Antibacterial Door Opener
  • UL Nomad Backpack
  • UL Pennant
  • UL Socks
  • UL Bumper Sticker

Meet the UL Global Alumni Ambassadors