As a parent of a student who is considering studying abroad at the University of Limerick, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns about this experience. We have compiled the information on this page specifically to address questions that you, as a parent, may have. We also encourage you to browse other sections of the website with your son or daughter.

There are several advantages for your son or daughter to study abroad at UL but here are four key ones:

  • Promotes greater confidence, independence and self-sufficiency
  • Gives students an opportunity to see parts of the world and meet people whom they might otherwise never meet
  • Helps students gain in-depth exposure to another culture in a way that cannot be accomplished on a vacation or holiday
  • Exposes students to new ways of learning and studying
  • On Campus Accommodation - UL students can choose to live on campus in one of the eight student villages or off campus in private student accommodation or self-catering houses and apartments.
  • Airport pick up: Students are collected from Shannon International Airport each semester. Offer-holders will be contacted prior to the beginning of the semester with further information.
  • Tailored Orientation Programme: We offer a tailored Orientation programme each semester. The programme includes day-time and evening events and takes place prior to the first week of classes. It is an ideal way to settle in, meet other students and familiarise yourself with the campus before lectures  start!
  • Field trips and student events: The UL Global Office organises a number of off campus activities each semester. We also work with the International Society at UL to promote other trips and activities which are offered at discount prices to students.
  • Excellent support services: We encourage students to keep in touch with the International office while on campus. We offer information and advice on immigration, accommodation and culture.
  • Buddy Programme: A full-time student will be allocated to you along with a few others to help you settle into life at UL.
  • Internships - UL students undertake a 6 month work experience during their our undergraduate studies. UL work with over 1,700 interntional companys to make sure your son or daughter get the best experience for their internship.  This unique internships have lead to UL having the highest graduate employment in Ireland (over 97% of our graduates have gone on to employment or furture studies) Visit our Careers website for more information by clicking here

During orientation, we advise students on the best ways of staying safe and provide them with lots of useful information, including contact details in the unlikely event of an emergency and details of the various support services available to them. We also advise students of the importance of responsible behaviour, especially with regard to alcohol consumption. Please note that the legal age for the consumption of alcohol in Ireland (as in the rest of the European Union) is 18.

Students are asked to check in regularly with their family by phone or e-mail. Students are given a list of emergency contact phone numbers, which they can dial in the event of an emergency.

There is a landline in all on-campus apartments. In addition, cell phones (mobile phones) are quite inexpensive in Ireland and most students use these to keep in contact. For many parents, simply knowing that they can reach their son or daughter at any time, day or night, reduces anxiety considerably. In the event that you cannot reach your son or daughter, please contact the UL Global Office.

Parents play a very important role in helping students to prepare for studying abroad and in supporting them while they are away and after they return home. We send students regular countdown emails prior to their arrival, outlining all the things they need to be aware of and/or bring with them to Ireland. The emails contain very important and useful information, which you may wish to go through with your son or daughter prior to their departure.

Please note that we send this information to the student, the International Program Office or the agent, depending on the agreement we have with the School/College/Agency. If your son or daughter does not receive these countdown emails, please contact this office at

  • Take a look at the pre-arrival pack with your son or daughter so that you understand both what has been provided and what is expected of them prior to departure.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to be proactive in their pre-departure preparations. Students sometimes have a tendency to leave preparations to the last minute, which often ends up causing them a lot of stress and hassle. Be supportive of their feelings and reactions to their new environment, but try to keep an open mind when they report on living conditions or the city, especially in the first few days when they are likely to be overtired and suffering from jet lag.
  • Keep in touch with your son or daughter on a regular basis for your own peace of mind. We recommend a phone call or a couple of email messages per week.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to make the most of their experience abroad by getting involved in campus life at UL. Joining one of the many clubs or societies is a good way to start this.
  • Be aware that just as a student goes through a period of adjustment at the start of their time abroad, many go through a similar, difficult period of "re-adjustment" when returning home. We provide an orientation programme before the start of each semester for all international students. We also provide a re-entry/pre-departure session for short-stay students (Study Abroad) prior to their departure from UL. It is compulsory for your son or daughter to attend both sessions.
  • Please understand that if your son or daughter has had a full experience living and learning overseas, they will have changed to some extent and may have difficulty returning to old routines.

If you wish to get in touch with your son or daughter or have any questions about the programme, you can contact the UL Global Office by telephone or email. We encourage students to stay in regular contact with their parents by telephone and email. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.