Susan is currently a Lecturer in the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Her research PhD was from NUI Maynooth and focused on host-microbe interactions. She was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship to continue her work at the RNA level at the Ecole Normal Superieure, Paris which included a stint at the Max Planck Institute, Berlin. Before returning to UCC, Susan was a postdoctoral scientist at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Bath, UK. Her team's main interests include dietary, microbial, genetic and biochemical factors that alter eukaryotic host systems.  Her group is motivated to understand host and microbial metabolomics that influence health and ageing with a particular focus on microbial-metabolite-modification systems (microbial, dietary and host-derived). The team impacts in the areas of host processes important for human health (and disease) and in animal husbandry. She is currently funded through SFI, DAFM-DEARA-FDA, EU Horizon 2020, IRC and Industrial Project Funding.  She is also faculty of APC Microbiome Ireland and The Food Institute, UCC.