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Pádraig MacCarron

Applied mathematician interested in network processes of social systems.

My research focuses on the analysis of social networks and using big data to analyse social systems. I have worked with mobile phone data, primate social networks and mythological networks. Currently I work on the analysis of attitude networks and the opinion-based groups resulting from them in an attempt to identify polarised groups.


Recent Publications

T. Gessey-Jones, C. Connaughton, R.I.M. Dunbar, R. Kenna, P. MacCarron, C. O’Conchobhair & J. Yose. (2020).
"Narrative structure of A Song of Ice and Fire creates a fictional world with realistic measures of social complexity." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(46), 28582-28588.

P. MacCarron, P.J. Maher, S. Fennell, K. Burke, J.P. Gleeson, K. Durrheim & M. Quayle (2020),
"Agreement threshold on Axelrod’s model of cultural dissemination", PloS one, 15(6), e0233995.

B.R. da Cunha, P. MacCarron, J.F. Passold, L.W. dos Santos, K.A. Oliveira, & J.P. Gleeson (2020),
“Assessing police topological efficiency in a major sting operation on the dark web”, Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1-10.

R. Dempsey, A. Parnell, P. MacCarron, and G.D. McCarthy (2020),
"Excess Mortality in Dublin during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Using as a geographical source", Irish Geography, 53(2).

P.J. Maher, P. MacCarron & M. Quayle (2020),
"Mapping public health responses with attitude networks: the emergence of opinion‐based groups in the UK’s early COVID‐19 response phase", British Journal of Social Psychology, 59(3), 641-652.


R. Kenna, M. MacCarron & P. MacCarron (Eds) (2017), Maths Meets Myths: Quantitative Approaches to Ancient Narratives, Springer, Understanding Complex Systems, ISBN 978-3-319-39443-5.




Orcid: PMacCarron

Twitter: @PadraigMacC

Google Scholar: P.MacCarron