Rian Immigrant Center (formerly Irish International Immigrant Center) in Boston is a U.S Department of State designated J1 student & graduate visa sponsor. Since 2008 Rian J1 has helped over 3000 Irish students and graduates to come to the United States on the visa program. Current students, final year students, and recent graduates within a year of the date on their graduation scroll are all eligible. The visa program allows them to live and work in the U.S. for up to one year. In addition to visa sponsorship Rian offers support with sourcing work and connecting with employers in the U.S., and for those coming to Boston we also offer additional professional development through leadership development events, mentoring and we are a constant source of help and support. Rian J1 helps Irish students and graduates lay a great foundation for their career while experiencing the many cultures of the U.S. Rian J1 visa programs are an outstanding opportunity for students and graduates of Irish Universities. So if you are interested in spending a year in the U.S. either on student placement, or as a graduate, then Rian J1 will be delighted to help you.

Vacancy details

Opportunities exist throughout the United States across a wide range of study areas.

How to apply

Send email to j1iwt@riancenter.org or register on our website at www.rianj1.org