Dr Samuel Solomon holds a BEng in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Engineering. Dr Solomon’s expertise and research interests lie in the engineering of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical powders for oral and pulmonary delivery via spray drying, fluidised bed granulation and hotmelt extrusion. As such he boasts a wide array of skillsets in the area of materials science, powder processing & handling and the intricates of particle mechanics and pharmaceutical sciences. Samuel has also worked extensively with large multinational companies and SMEs and is thus experienced in working alongside industrial partners for product development and root cause analysis. 

SeaFEED Research

Given Samuel’s comprehensive experience in spray drying, granulation and downstream processing of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical powders, Samuel will be extensively involved in the support and mentoring of the PhD students in spray drying and downstream processing of extracts obtained from Seaweed. In doing so, efficient downstream processing of the product into its final form will be ensured. This will necessitate characterization of input materials for process parameter selection, selection of auxiliary excipients compatible with the seaweed extract and in alignment with regulatory requirements, and process optimization. Output products at critical stages in the manufacturing cascade will also be characterized to ensure they retain physicochemical properties and mechanical properties according to specification.