I have my bachelor’s degree in chemistry from University of Tabriz and I also got my master’s degree in the University of Tabriz in field of physical chemistry. During my bachelor’s and master’s, I gained a lot of knowledge through courses in different fields of chemistry including physical, analytical, organic, and inorganic chemistry and I have a robust knowledge in each area. My research background is mainly about thermodynamic study of aqueous Choline Salicylate as an active pharmaceutical ingredient in ionic liquid form (API- IL) solutions in the presence of some amino acids. It led me to be experienced in experimental research especially in synthesis of chemical materials. I believe my interest in chemical science is coupled with strong research, leadership and teamwork skills and my passion to learn, do research and study.

SeaFEED Research

My research will focus on developing greener methods to dry seaweed extracts and the isolation of seaweed bioactives with antimicrobial activity using greener processing methods.