Dr Kregting is the associate director of the Queen’s University Marine Laboratory (QML) and Senior Lecturer in the School of Natural and Built Environment. Her background is in seaweed eco-physiology with a focus on how physical factors influence the biology and ecology of marine organisms. She brings to the project over 15 years of expertise in both field and laboratory research on growth and physiology of brown and red seaweeds. She will lead WP6 and provide expertise and access to know how of research on aquaculture methods of seaweeds which was established at QML more than 25 years ago with developing techniques and economic analysis for this potential industry. 

SeaFEED Research

The main objective of this work package is to determine whether growth techniques can be developed to stimulate naturally occurring bioactives into different brown seaweeds. Specific aims include the natural variability of these bioactives within different species from different hydrodynamic environments, shore positions and environmental stressors. Also to understand seasonal variation on these bioactives for all brown species of interest.