Exceptionally focused Chemical Engineer with the combined knowledge of chemistry and product design to create functional products and manufacturing equipment. Able to multitask effectively in handling high-pressure and crisis work situations. Graduated with distinction & honours with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from United Arab Emirates University in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates. Worked previously as a Research Assistance at United Arab Emirates University on the project titled CFD Simulation of CO2 absorption by water-Based TiO2 nanoparticles in a high pressure stirred vessel, where I prepared regulatory documentation and presentations and highlighted findings to support leads of company projects. Also, I completed remote summer internships at United Arab Emirates University, and Bernal Institute at University of Limerick, where both internships gave me the knowledge & experience required to conduct a proper research.


The SeaFEED Project itself focuses on extracting zinc from seaweed to be replaced in animal feed and assess the environmental impact as well as the cost of manufacturing for the process. As for my contribution I will test the viability of using extrusion as a method for primary drying instead of it being used for further drying in compound drying techniques. Also, the ability of extrusion to be used for the granulation of powdered dry extracts that result from other drying technologies like SFD will be tested, while also evaluating the capacity for further drying of extracts at the same time. For all parts of my project, I will conduct an environmental/cost analysis for the process that is being used