Thursday, 9 February 2023

The Power, Discourse and Society Research Group at the University of Limerick have spent the last eighteen months working on the edited volume Public and Political Discourses of Migration: International Perspectives, which is publishing this month. For thousands of years, migrants have traversed the globe, often in large collectives.

The manner in which such migrations have been discursively framed in more recent times, and how that framing impacts on individual and collective lived experience, whether through formal policies or through more vague and often hostile public attitudes, is a key concern in this volume. The collection is organised along thematic lines, beginning initially with two essays on ‘liminal beings’. This is followed by a couplet of sections which address particular racialized groups.

The third section of the book expands the discussion to consider the significance of music, dance and art as discourse. The book’s final section contains a couplet of chapters examining majority population discourse, and online discourse. The collection concludes with a reflection on the possibility and challenges of mobilising discourse as resistance Public and Political Discourses of Migration (April, 2016) is the first book in the Power, Discourse and Society series.