Final Year Projects

Final Year Projects

What is an FYP?

The Final Year Project (FYP) is a distinctive feature of University of Limerick undergraduate experience. The FYP presents you with an opportunity for both personal and academic development. It is probably the longest and most focused piece of research that you will undertake in your degree, and it plays an important part in determining the final award classification.

The FYP is a student-driven learning experience, and it gives you the opportunity to study a topic of your own choosing in depth and at a point when you are reaching academic maturity. A successful FYP combines the skills of acquiring, managing and critically analysing information with those of planning, collating and communicating.

About this website

This website contains a step-by-step guide to successfully completing an FYP, a collection of video case studies featuring ‘best-practice’ examples of FYP research, tips and advice about how to develop and complete a project, a list of possible research topics, and details about important deadlines and the faculty regulations. Use the menu on the right to access information on FYPs and find your supervisor.