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Research Focus

The cluster’s research comes from the critical accounting paradigm, and focuses on accountability in the broadest sense, responsibility and the public interest. Our current projects include: social and environmental reporting; tax policy formation; educating for responsibility and sustainability; professional expertise in society and the common good and public interest.

Current Events 2018:

Initial Call For Papers
CSEAR Ireland 2nd Congress on Social and Environmental Accounting Research, October 31 - November 2, 2018  - More Information click here 

Past Events:

More about the ARC Cluster


Selection of recent publications:

  • Storey, M.; Killian, S.; O'Regan, P. (2017) 'Responsible management education: Mapping the field in the context of the SDGs'. The International Journal of Management Education, 15 (2):93-1-3
  • Killian, S. and O’Regan, P. (2016) ‘Social Accounting and the Co-Creation of Corporate Legitimacy'. Accounting Organizations And Society, 50 :1-12
  • Killian, S (2015) 'For lack of accountability: The logic of the price in Ireland's Magdalen Laundries'. Accounting Organizations And Society, 43 :17-32.
  • O'Regan, P, Killian, S (2014) ''Professionals who understand': Expertise, public interest and societal risk governance'. Accounting Organizations And Society, 39 :615-631
  • O'Regan P and Halpin B (2014) 'Class, Status and the Stratification of Residential Preferences amongst Accountants'. Historical Social Research, 39 (1):336-359.
  • O'Regan, P (2015) Financial Information Analysis: the role of accounting information in modern society. London: Routledge
  • Killian, S. (2012) Corporate Social Responsibility: a Guide with Irish Experiences. Chartered Accountants Publishing, Dublin.

Please email arc.research@ul.ie for more information.