Key Events

Events pre-1912:

1864- The First Contagious Diseases Act passed in England.

1876- Irish Suffrage Society established in Dublin.

1878- Intermediate Education Act.

1896- Dublin Women’s Suffrage Association established.

1898- Local Government Act - permitted women allowed to sit and vote at district council level.

1900- Inghinidhe na hÉireann (Daughters of Erin) founded by Maud Gonne.

1902- Irish Association of Women Graduates established.

1904- Trinity admit women to the male campus.

1905- Sinn Féin founded by Arthur Griffith.

1907- The Women’s National Health Association formed.

1908- Universities opened to women.

1908- Irish Women’s Franchise League established – militant Suffragette organisation.

1909- Female Unionists establish the Women’s Registration Society.

1910- The United Irishwoman established.

1910- The Ladies Auxiliary of the Ancient Order of Hibernians established.

1911- A bill to regulate the wages of domestic servants defeated.

1911- Women allowed to serve as County Councillors.

23rd January 1911- The Ulster Women’s Unionist Council established.

August 1911- Irish Women’s Suffrage Federation (IWSL) formed – to co-ordinate emerging smaller associations.

1911- Irish Women’s Reform League formed.

1911- Removal of House of Lord’s veto.


Events 1912-1922:

April 1912- Third Home Rule Bill introduced.

April 1912- Ulster Volunteers form.

May 1912- The Irish Citizen a suffrage newspaper established.

Sep 1912- Unionists sign the Solemn League and Covenant, a parallel women’s covenant is also signed on 28th Sep 1912.

1913- Ulster Volunteers formed.

Sep 1913- Ulster Provisional Government established.

Nov 1913- Irish Volunteers formed.

April 1914- Cumann na mBan formed – the woman’s wing of the Irish Volunteers.

April 1914- The Larne gun-running.

August 1914- The Great War begins.

April 1916- The Easter Rising.

April 1917- The League of Women Delegates established.

1917- By elections resulting in Sinn Féin success.

Oct 1917- De Valera replaces Griffith as leader of Sinn Féin.

6th June 1918- six members of UWUC met Edward Carson and voiced their grievances as a result twelve representatives were admitted to the Ulster Unionist Council.

1918- The Representation of the People Act granted the vote to women over 30 with the required property qualifications.

Jan 1919- Dáil Éireann established.

1919- The War of Independence begins, lasting until 1921.

1920- The Government of Ireland Act passed, granting partition and a devolved administration to Northern Ireland.

1921- The War of Independence Truce.

1921- The Anglo-Irish Treaty signed, establishing Ireland as a Free State.

March 1922- Cumann na Saoirse established.

June 1922 – Irish Civil War begins lasting until 1923.

1922- Irish Free State Constitution.

1922- Female suffrage extended to all women over 21 years of age.

May 1923- Irish Civil War ceasefire.