Dunraven Arms Hotel, Adare

Dunraven Arms HotelDuring the Civil War, there was heavy fighting in the town of Adare in county Limerick on 4/5 August 1922. Anti-Treaty Irish Republican Army forces occupying the town came under artillery fire from pro-Treaty Free State troops. The Dunraven Arms Hotel, where the Republicans had set up their headquarters, was hit by a number of shells. The publicity department of the Free State South Western Command announced that when their troops entered the hotel, ‘all the rooms in the building were found to be bespattered with blood, showing that there must have been fairly severe casualties …’.

Mary Hartney, according to an Irish Republican Army list of Mid Limerick Brigade casualties, was ‘killed in Adare while attending our troops.’ She was hit by shellfire while working in the first aid centre at the Dunraven Arms and was one of only a few members of Cumann na mBan killed in either the War of Independence or the Civil War. She was buried in Mount St Lawrence Cemetery on Monday 7 August. According to the Limerick Chronicle, ‘the cortege was of large and rep­resentative portions, and expressed the sympathy felt for the husband and family of the deceased’.