My Favourite Place - Donal Ryan & Dr Kathleen Turner

Multi-award-winning author and Lecturer in Creative Writing at University of Limerick, Donal Ryan shares his favourite place on campus.

The Millstream Common Room, at the Limerick end of the Living Bridge is a light-filled, airy place, full of positive energy. I used to sneak in there to write sometimes, long before I was a fellow or a lecturer at UL. One of my first public talks was held there, hosted by the Regional Writing Centre, and chaired by Joseph O’Connor. I have a lovely memory of my dad, falling asleep for most of my reading and waking up again just as Joe started to speak. ‘He is,’ he said aloud, in agreement it seemed with someone he’d been talking to in his dream, ‘He sure is. A lovely lad, that
Joe O’Connor.’

Dr Kathleen Turner, Course Director at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance speaks about her UL experience.

I have lots of very happy memories of my time to date at UL.

Probably one of the best was my graduation ceremony this summer. I’m sure everyone feels like finishing their PhD was like running a marathon. Standing on that stage this August, getting my scroll from the President and looking out to see my family – it was the most incredible feeling of crossing a finish line. So special!

Dr Kathleen Turner, Community Music MA, 2017