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President's Welcome
President's Welcome
Dear friends, for me, universities are all about their people. So, the stories in this edition of UL Links put our people first – our community, our academics and most of all, our students and our graduates. Each story is remarkable but allow me pick just a few for you to consider. Galway Senior Hurling captain and UL graduate David Burke reveals the sacrifices he has made for his sport, while our cover star and UL aeronautical engineering graduate Norah Patten shares her journey to be the first Irish woman in space – two amazing graduates whose stories we will continue to follow...
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Keeping it Real
‘Authentic’ has been the buzz term in the marketing and communications world for some time now – everything must look and sound natural or organic. When public relations professionals admire a piece of work, it is often praised for being ‘authentic’, it is the ultimate compliment. Of course, in there somewhere may lie an admission to the fundamental inauthenticity of most if not all PR.
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