With 107 countries represented in the University of Limerick student body during the last academic year, the campus community and student experience is enriched by preserving, respecting, and encouraging cultural diversity.

This proud tradition of welcome and inclusion is reflected in the 3,043 international students who visited, studied and lived on campus during the 2018/19 academic year 1,768 of this cohort were degree-seeking learners with the remainder as visiting students through the Erasmus, non-EU Exchange, or the Study Abroad programmes.

The world map overview below shows the representations from all corners of the world of those who come to savour the UL experience.

University of Limerick is also home to many more international researchers as well as EU full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students outside of this 3,000 strong cohort, therefore adding to and enhancing the diversity of our multicultural community that we are so proud of in UL.

Here are a few of our international student stories about why they chose to study at University of Limerick:


Tanit Lanie Lopez, Mexico, Master of Science in Nursing Studies

“Being a nurse has given me the opportunity to travel around the world and experience different healthcare settings and a change in the perception of care.

“Studying at UL in Ireland provides me with the chance to not only immerse in the Irish culture and its healthcare, but also to connect with students from all over the world. Connecting with other people at an international university is beginning to open up my world to even more faraway places and cultures than I could ever have imagined.

"Having the chance to exchange experiences and perspectives with people from different nationalities is the inspiration we all need to advance in our professions as individuals and as a whole.

“Deciding to study abroad was by far one of the hardest and most exciting adventures of my life, a life changing experience that is making me grow not only as a nurse, but also as a person.” 



Man Yee, Malaysia, MA of International Tourism

Man Yee came from Malaysia and is currently studying on the MA International Tourism programme at UL. 

“I chose UL as I wanted to learn about the tourism industry in Ireland, a country that had been on my mind since my time as an undergraduate.” 

Man says that she is particularily impressed by the module content of the programme as it is specifically aimed towards tourism as a whole instead of solely focusing on the hospitality sector alone. 

“The location, accessibility and size of the UL campus were positive aspects for Man in opting to come to Limerick. 

“International students in, UL especially postgraduate students, are quite diverse which allows me to meet different people from around the world and understand more about the world in addition to Irish culture.”



Sinenhlanhla Bengu, South Africa, MA Peace & Development Studies

“Born and raised in a small village in Kwa-Zulu Natal, East of South Africa, I had spent my entire childhood in one area. Being born poor in South Africa post 1994 is something I can only describe as a systematically generated existential crisis.

Systematic because despite the lack of consensus on the causes of poverty, what we should all agree on is that it is a systematic issue rather than an individual defect. My lived experience and frustrations inspired me to apply for a Masters in Peace and Development at UL through the assistance of the Irish Aid scholarship.

“When I arrived at UL, I was very excited as I had chosen UL due to its well-rounded Masters program and was truly taken by surprise by the beauty of the campus. From the River Shannon, to the peaceful walking trails, to waking up to cows just outside my residence window.

"The sun sometimes disappears for longer than expected in Ireland, but when it returns Limerick definitely comes alive. And during those days I have made it a tradition to go outside and enjoy the buzz. I have bumped into families walking, the elderly power-walking and the cute friendly dogs. UL is a community campus just as education is a collective good. That is one thing I have enjoyed about studying here, feeling like a community member.

“Besides the Limerick community, there is also the global community, with international students from all over the world. I have danced my hips off at the Diwali celebration, laughed with students from Spain and the Czech Republic, I had numerous suppers with friends from Uganda and China and had a beautiful Christmas dinner with students from Nigeria.

I have taken many walks with my friends from Palestine and South Africa and debated development issues with students from America, Netherlands and France. 

Coming here, I was nervous about figuring it all out alone and I have just been humbled by the support offered by the hard-working souls at the international office and the extended community.”



Deepak Kumar Jaiswal, India, M.Sc. in Financial Services

"I was born and brought up in the small town of Birsinghpur in central India. I had done my under-graduation B.Sc. (Computer Science) in 2006 and post-graduation M.B.A. (Finance) in 2009 at Indian University, then moved to Mumbai to start my career with a manufacturing company but my interest in finance took my career to the finance industry where I have been working in since 2012.

"In February 2019, I decided to quit my job as Assistant Manager in Nomura, Mumbai and return to study where I am now pursuing M.Sc. in Financial Services here at UL. I am passionate about running and in the last four years I have completed 19 long distance races including one international run in Stockholm and winning a 5K city event in Mumbai. My other passions include cycling, trekking, exploring natural places and learning new skills. I always believe in “push your limits to see your real potential.

"My quest for knowledge and my desire to live a life which is full of enthusiasm, exploration, questioning, reasoning, outdoor activities and having fun, brought me here to UL.

"Coming to UL was based on many reasons including the magnificent campus with a multicultural environment, incredible sports facilities at the UL Sport Arena, affordable course fees and good scholarship and International Business Workshops in my course. As an International student I find UL is great place to live because of the study support offered through various learning centres. UL has so many clubs and societies where you can learn new skills and meet a variety of people from around the world. It has a welcoming nature and knows the feeling of the students. Even before arriving at UL, the Campus Connect App gave me an opportunity to speak to current students and understand about my course, the University and Ireland in more in detail.

At UL, I found study, fun, friendship and sports are all in one place. It is a friendly and safe place too and UL has been supportive at all stages of my experience such as my visa application, my accommodation and of course in an academic setting."


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