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THEME 2 ACCENTUATING OUR DISTINCTIVENESS To accentuate our distinctiveness, we will ensure our research has an impact, reinforce employability and engagement with industry and develop our infrastructure and campus life. 2.1 RESEARCH IMPACT The University of Limerick places a premium on the independent pursuit of knowledge through critical inquiry and the advancement of new ideas, and we expect all our academic staff to engage in high- quality research. Accordingly, we value and support the research efforts of all members of the campus community. 38 Our distinctive research ethos has always emphasised convergent translational research in a manner that transcends the traditional dichotomy between basic and applied research to yield accelerated economic, social and cultural dividends. This approach now aligns well with current national and EU policy, and research income has grown significantly as a result – from €20 million in 2008 to more than €50 million in 2015. To ensure that our research continues to make an impact, we will build critical mass in traditional areas of strength and nurture emergent and niche areas that have the potential to deliver research that benefits the economy and society.