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Application Process


Application Process

Those who wish to participate in the apprenticeship programme are require to undergo an approval process.

1.  Register your Company interest in the apprenticeship  programme by mailing

2.  Complete the UL Approval Process:

  •           Complete the Company sponsorship paperwork
  •           Site visit by UL programme manager to asses your suitability to host an apprenticeship
  •           Identification of an In-Company Mentor

3.  Complete the SOLAS approval process:

  •          Site visit by an Authorising Officer of the local Education a& Training Board
  •          SOLAS approval of company for funding
  •          Complete SOLAS paperwork for each apprentice

It can take up to 10 weeks for the approval process to be completed


4.  UL will send the successful applicant the link to apply for the apprenticeship.

  •         Candidates follows the normal UL postgraduate applications process



Company Regisration Process:  No Charge

Online Student Application Fee: €35

Annual Student Contribution Fee: 30% of UL student contribution fee is payable.  For 2019/2020 this will be €900

It should be noted that these fees are subject to change depending on the programme of study and external funders requirements