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Supply Chain Management - BSc.

Course Details

Award: Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Qualification: Undergraduate NFQ Level 8 Delivery:
Blended & Online
2 years
On Campus attendance one day every three weeks plus webinars throughout the duration of the programme.
Start Date: September Enquiries:

Supply-chain enterprises operate in a highly dynamic business environment characterised by three Cs – change in globalisation such as outsourcing, change in product possibilities and expectations such as product-service bundling, and change in ways of integrating businesses such as the emergence of enterprise networks.
This programme’s content aligns with the framework of the Supply-Chain Council’s Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR). While in the form of a template, this model places operations planning and control centrally in a way that prior implicit framings did not and so provides a basis for the strongly conceptual navigations that supply-chain managers face in their everyday lives. The programme combines strong human factor, cause-effect modelling, and process improvement orientations to leverage innovative opportunities.

The BSc programme will allow entry into year 2, 3 or 4 of the programme onto the BSc route provided applicants meet the entry criteria specified.

The programme is designed as a continuous professional development programme and will give exempted credits for the BSc route into the year of study to successful applicants who meet the specified entry requirements and can demonstrate that they have attained the learning outcomes of the exempted years. There will be an exit point at the end of year 2 and year 3 for those on the BSc route who successfully complete the years study and are eligible to progress but who do not wish to do so.

For more information on entry level and duration, contact

For those who are currently employed, or seeking employment, in a variety of technology rich industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Biotechnology and Manufacturing, who require a degree qualification and are seeking the same for professional advancement.

After completing this programme, graduates should be able to:

• Identify the fundamental theories and concepts and methods that inform supply chain management within a variety of organisational settings and in a variety of disciplines.
• Demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding of specialised areas pertaining to different supply chain functions.
• Display specialised technical, analytical and creative skills which are fundamental to problem solving and decision making.
• Apply knowledge in a variety of enterprise settings.

In addition to the Year specific requirements the following are required:

• Submission of a prior learning and prior experiential learning portfolio, to document prior leaning and work experience in general and specifically around the field of Supply Chain management related studies. This portfolio is to demonstrate the attainment of the learning outcomes of the previous years of the programme from which the applicant is seeking exemptions.


• If deemed necessary, completion of PT4900 skills portfolio modules and/or an interview.

Year 2 Entry
NFQ level 7 qualification 60ECTS in any discipline. Exempted credits will be given for year 1. e.g. Participation on first year of a degree programme,

Year 3 Entry
NFQ level 7 2.2H award 120ECTS in a cognate business, science or technical discipline.

Year 4 Entry
NFQ level 7 2.2H award 180ECTS in in a cognate business, science or technical discipline.

UL’s PRL policy will be applied to this course. The course board may at its discretion accept a level 6 qualification with stronger evidence of prior learning and experience. Entry is decided on a case by case basis.

The route that students will follow is dependent on their entry year into the programme.

Year 2 - 60 Credits
Module Code Module Description Credits

Semester 1

MG2101 Management & Leadership 6
PT3001 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 6
AU3023 Statistics 6
MG2131 Managing Communications 6

Semester 2

PT4024 Introduction to Models & Frameworks for SCM 6
AU3014 Operations Engineering 6
MG2132 Quality Management - CRM 6
PM2082 Managing Change and Conflict 6

Semester 3

PT4035 Supply Chain Case Study 1 6
PT4045 Skills Portfolio (Supply Chain Management) 6
Year 3 - 60 Credits
Module Code Module Description Credits

Semester 1

PT3011 Plan Within Supply Chains 6
PT3021 Make Within Supply Chains 6
PM3081 Organisational Behaviour 1 6
EC3601 Irish Economic Environment 6

Semester 2

PT3051 Source Within Supply Chains 6
PT3061 Deliver & Return Within Supply Chains 6
MG3652 Strategic Management 6
MG4181 Supply Chain Risk Assessment & Forecasting 6

Semester 3

PTX182 Supply Chain Project 2 12
Year 4 - 63 Credits
Module Code Module Description Credits

Semester 1

PT4057 Advanced Models & Frameworks for SCM 6
MG4917 Supply Chain & Customer Relationship Management 9
PT3071 Information Systems & Decision Support 6
PT4025 Simulation Modelling & Analysis 6

Semester 2

PT3041 Lean Sigma Improvement Methodologies 6
EC4908 Issues in the Global Economic Environment 9
AC4906 Corporate Social Responsibilty 9

Semester 3

PT4184 Supply Chain Project 3 12

Delivery is a hybrid of traditional distance education and online learning together with a number of on-campus tutorials. In addition, there are on-line discussions moderated by a subject matter expert on elements of each module to reinforce the learning and maximise the benefit of the programme for participants.

Tutorials are held at the University of Limerick campus.

Fees for the programme are €4,536 per Academic year. Students will receive a list of course materials for purchase.

Before you apply, you will need to gather documentation. Please visit the How to Apply page to read detailed guidelines on which documents to gather and the application fee. You will also find the application link for your chosen course on the 'How to Apply' page.

N.B. - We recommend that prospective students for any ULearning programmes visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. For any queries which are not addressed in the FAQ please do not hesitate to email or call 061 213360.