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UL40 Talks

I’m delighted to announce the completion of the first group of UL40 talks featuring UL teaching faculty from a range of disciplinary backgrounds.

The UL40 talks are short video lectures delivered by UL teachers on themes, issues, ideas and subjects that they are passionate about. They are designed to showcase our teachers, and to give the wider world a flavour of some of the conversations being initiated within UL’s classrooms, laboratories and communities.

I’m very grateful to the UL40 committee for their championing and support of this initiative, and also particularly to Maura Murphy and Karen McGrath for co-ordinating and managing the production process.

But most of all, I’d like to thank our first group of speakers: Eoin, Amanda, Helena, Stephen, Romina, Maura and Patricia for agreeing to be the first to participate in this initiative.

Our teaching community increasingly needs to learn to become more accustomed to showcasing its talents to much wider audiences and it’s great to have so many role models happy to show example and leadership in this regard.

Now help us to make these clips go viral by spreading the word!

Best wishes
Sarah Moore