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SDG6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

Professor Michael Zaworotko of UL’s Bernal Institute and his team have developed a crystalline material after decades of research that has favourable properties for absorbing and releasing water from the atmosphere that could revolutionise dehumidification systems in buildings and the availability of water in regions of drought. The discovery of this revolutionary new material could help solve the global water crisis by producing water from air, even in the most remote of locations.

The green material is ROS-037 and it has been developed as a commercially viable nanomaterial by Molecule RND LTD, an international think tank, research group and incubator fund that has located in UL to work in collaboration with Professor Zaworotko and his team. “If we can cut that cost, and we are not talking one or two percent, we are talking 50-90% reduction in the energy footprint – that will then have an effect on CO2 emissions and the global CO2 level. “We are going after CO2,” he adds, smiling at the prospect of another dream that is about to be realised.

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UL aspires to being a world leader in environmentally friendly university management and seeks to undertake four new Green Campus initiatives. Together with the Green Campus committee and other stakeholders, B&E plans to achieve ISO 50001 (Energy Management) certification, roll out a campus wide energy behaviour change campaign, obtain the ‘Green Flag’ for Waste, safeguard and enhance biodiversity on campus and continue to reduce UL’s dependence on water supplied by Limerick City and County Council.   Currently the water used to meet all campus’s requirements is drawn from a public water main. B&E will investigate the availability to use ground water sources to meet the campus’s non-potable water requirements.

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Winner of the best green procurement project 2019. The Buildings and Estates Division at UL has led the University’s drive to reduce single-use plastics on campus. They have successfully installed water bottle filling stations which deliver chilled and filtered mains water in student-friendly locations across the entire university campus.

18 water refill stations installed across campus, reducing the volume of single use plastic water bottles.

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