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Dr Siobhán Leahy

Lecturer in Allied Health, University of Limerick

Research Area

Ageing & Health

Research Leader

Dr Rose Galvin

Fellowship Period

January, 2018 to August, 2019

What attracted you to the programme?

I was attracted to the Succeed and Lead Fellowship as it offered protected time to develop as an independent researcher without the constraints of delivering on a defined project, and offered a variety of training opportunities to help me develop my skills as a researcher. 

Fellowship Research

As a Succeed and Lead  Fellow, I developed a programme of research investigating the effect of body composition phenotypes, specifically obesity and muscle weakness, on health outcomes in older adults. I carried out a systematic review in this topic and developed local, national and international collaborations. During my fellowship, I submitted two grant applications as a Principal Investigator, a further three as a co-applicant and one as a collaborator. 

The skills audit that I carried out initially helped me to identify areas for development and provided clarity on gaps in my knowledge and experience. This allowed me to identify suitable training and development opportunities that were most beneficial to me going forward in my career.