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Dr Rose Galvin


School of Allied Health


Dr Rose Galvin is a Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy in the School of Allied Health at the University of Limerick. Prior to her appointment at UL, Rose was the Director of the national Centre for Primary Care Research at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Rose has a particular interest in improving the quality and safety of care for older adults and is the theme lead of the Health Services Delivery theme of the Health Research Institute at UL. Rose is also a fellow of the International Primary Care Research Leadership Programme, hosted by the University of Oxford. She has over 80 ISI peer-reviewed publications and has supervised over 40 post-graduate students to MSc and PhD completion. 

Research Expertise

Rose’s ongoing research activities reflect her professional background (physiotherapy) alongside her post-doctoral methodological and biostatistical training in applied clinical epidemiology. Rose leads the ‘Ageing and Health’ research cluster within School of Allied Health where her research broadly focuses on the prediction and management of adverse outcomes among older adults in primary care. Since her appointment at UL, Rose has acquired research funding in excess of €1 million to focus on adverse events among older adults following discharge from the Emergency Department. 

Research Leadership

Rose is the Vice President of the all-Island Irish Gerontological Society, one of the oldest societies in the world dedicated to research in ageing. She is also a founding member of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland Policy Group on Ageing that aims to influence national policy on a range of healthcare issues for older people using evidence-based research and best practice from Ireland and internationally.

Rose has extensive experience in the supervision and mentorship of students at undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral level, resulting in over 40 ISI peer reviewed publications. She has also mentored three health professionals (physiotherapy x 2 and occupational therapy x 1) to PhD completion as part of the HRB Research Training Fellowships for Therapy Professionals. 

Research Impact

Evidence from global demographic trends indicates that the number of adults aged ≥65 years will more than double in the next 35 years resulting in a significantly increased burden on healthcare systems. Rose’s research focuses on methods to improve the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of care among older adults in primary care. Her research has had a measurable impact on policy and clinical practice and has been cited in national and international clinical guidelines. She has co-authored a number of national reports relating to polypharmacy, home care and long term care supports for older adults. 

Ongoing Projects

Project Title Role Year of Award Amount total (€) Funder Duration
Adverse outcomes in older adults attending emergency department (ED): an impact analysis study of the Identification of Seniors At Risk (ISAR) screening tool. PI 2017 €369,088 Health Research Board Investigator Led Projects 36 months
OPTI-MEND: Optimising early assessment and intervention by Health and Social Care Professionals in the Emergency Department (ED) PI 2017 €277,061 Health Research Board Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety 2017 24 months
Health Research Board Collaborative Doctoral Awards. "Right Care": a programme of research to enhance safe and appropriate care for older patients in Ireland. Co-applicant 2018 €1,384,766, UL's portion €391,543 Health Research Board Collaborative Doctoral Awards 48 months
Enhancing formal home support to improve and maintain functional status in older

adults: A feasibility study on the implementation of the LIFE programme

Co-applicant 2018 €119,498 Health Research Board 24 months


Selected Publications

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