University of Sanctuary

The current refugee crisis tests the inner strength of the academic space. At the University of Limerick we firmly believe that a University education should be a possibility for all. We have been committed to providing access to our University for people from all backgrounds. It is within this spirit of Welcome that we sought recognition as a University of Sanctuary. The designation is built on an existing history of engagement with refugees and asylum seekers in a number of programmes of education and research. For example, many refugees and asylum seekers have been involved in programmes captured under the UL Engage umbrella and this designation is a more formal commitment to enhancing access to a University education for refugees and asylum seekers.

As a University of Sanctuary we focus on enabling access to third level through a number of financial support plans and programmes to aid with the transition to University. We also recognise that as an academic institution we provide a safe space in which issues which are directly impacting on the lives of refugees and asylum seekers can be discussed.

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