Application Form

Applications will close on March 1st, 2021

You will be asked to provide some simple details in this form including;

Step 1: Name, Address, E-Mail, Mobile/ Home Phone, Weight, Height and Date of Birth and the secondary school you attended

Step 2: College/CAO ID Number, Course Code of study you are/intend to study at UL, Why you chose that course

Step 3: Details on your sport, your sporting history, ambitions and plans

Step 4: Names and Contact details (including e-mail addresses ) of two referees.

A preview of the application can be viewed online.  Please note that only submissions received by completing the online application form will be accepted.  This document is for preview purposes only.  PREVIEW APPLICATION FORM

Please be aware that the UL Sports Scholarship programme does not offer a reduced points system, all students must achieve the points required for their chosen course.

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