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                        School Placement

“School Placement is a critical part of initial teacher education (ITE) and is designed to give the student teacher an opportunity to experience teaching and learning in a real environment, to apply educational theory in a variety of teaching and learning situations and school contexts, and to participate in school life in a way that is structured and supported” (Guidelines on School Placement, The Teaching Council, 2013).

School Placement is a core part of all teacher education programmes at the University of Limerick. It involves a collaborative partnership between the University and participating schools. The stakeholders in this partnership are student teachers, cooperating/mentor teachers, school students, school principals, deputy principals and university tutors.

The School of Education in the University of Limerick is responsible for providing school placement experiences for nearly 500 student teachers, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, each semester in a variety of subject areas including Science, Physical Education, Wood Technology, Engineering, Maths & Computer Science, Maths, Music, Business, Technological Education and Languages. They are guided in becoming a critically reflective teacher through mentoring and monitoring by the university tutors and through support offered by cooperating/mentor teachers in the classroom and school setting. This is made possible by engaging with a large number of schools who facilitate and support our student teachers on placement. One of our aims at the University is to work closely with schools to build meaningful and effective levels of collaboration and develop new and innovative school-university partnerships.

Dr Ann-Marie Young

Academic Director of School Placement