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The Education Technology Centre (Ed Tech Centre), part of the School of Eduction is located in the Main building in the University of Limerick, Office CM083. The centre provides all education students with access to a wealth of IT and AV equipment, IT and AV technical support and in-house expertise in the area of ICT use in Education.

An overarching aim of the centre is to tutor and advise education students in both the practical and innovative use of ICT in the classroom, thus improving their teaching and their students learning. Within the Education Technology Centre through laboratory work, another aim is to impart the practical skills that will enable students from Diploma to Doctorate to become confident practitioners and producers of communications technology materials in the context of teaching and learning.

In Semester 1 of Year Two for the undergraduate students, Microteaching labs take place in the Education Technology Centre. This involves preparing and monitoring laboratories for student teachers to teach secondary school pupils in smaller class sizes. This introduces the student in second year to lesson planning and good teaching practices. These laboratories are fully equipped live recording studios enabling the student with a tutor to later review and assess the lesson. During this semester the Education Technology Centre will record weekly 120 hours of footage (5 teaching rooms*20 hours per room). This material is then immediately available to the students for analysis and review. It is also immediately available to their tutor, who can then provide feedback on the lesson. This is made possible using the new state of the art Exterity Video On Demand system.

The Education Technology Centre also provides AV and IT solutions to all the staff within the School of Education. The centre can also provide support to students in the field while on teaching practice.

For further information or if you have any queries relating to any of the information above please contact:

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