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The BM-037 24-Hour Teaching Lab is located in the BM corridoor.  This is a school of education labratory which is accessed by swipe of your student or staff ID card, once registered with the school of education technology officers.  It is designed specifically for the use of of our undergrduate, post-graduate and masters students.  The main objective of this room is to enable students and staff to have a breakout space to enable them to work as individuals or as part of a group on certain projects and research.  It is designed in such a way that enables the users to both work in a labratory and classroom culture.  It also contains 12 open-access machines, a lectern machine, an interactive whitboard and access to the campus wifi.

Any queries with regard to the room access and its use please contact:

Adrian Mc Donagh: adrian.mcdonagh@ul.ie

Damian Daly: damian.daly@ul.ie