As Senior Technical Officer, Deirdre provides technical support to staff, researchers and students as well as overseeing laboratory health and safety practices and delivering outreach activities. She is actively involved in the Physics Equality and Diversity committee, having co-chaired and co-edited the department’s successful Athena Swan Bronze and Silver awards along with Institute of Physics Juno Practitioner and Champion awards. She is a working member of the GENERA Network and is involved in developing workshops on Career Development and on Inclusive Teaching in physics.

Deirdre has a PhD in Food Science and Health and has worked in industry and academia. This includes being Quality and Technical Manager for Guinness Products Ltd., a busy food ingredients company and a Senior Research Fellow in UL Food Science Research Centre. She was a researcher on an EU-FP5 project and wrote funding proposals to successfully become principal investigator on an Enterprise Ireland project and coordinator of a Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food funded project.

Her role in Guinness Products Ltd. focused on customer support and business development involving liaison with of customers and suppliers to ensure delivery of high-quality products and timely resolution of technical issues. She managed the company’s ISO-based quality system; updating quality procedures and information storage systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

Deirdre is currently studying for a Certificate in Workplace Transversal Skills to gain new skills and competencies regarding co-operation in the workplace.

BSc Industrial Biochemistry / PhD Food Science and Heath


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