Ms Lauraine Howley coordinates the day-to-day administration for the Department of Physics in University of Limerick, providing a high quality administrative support for the Head of Department, Course Directors, Academic Staff, Technical Staff, Students, Researchers in the Management and Coordination of the Department Administration Function.

Lauraine is also responsible for the smooth running of the Department of Physics ensuring that it is the primary point of contact for staff, students, researchers, university offices, second level schools, parents, members of the public and external agencies.

Lauraine has over 15 years’ experience where she has committed herself totally to all aspects of her career in healthcare, which also included Medical Device / Biopharmaceutical companies, Construction work and indeed to the academic environment where she has demonstrated the ability to work within the academic field as an Administrator, Clerical Officer and Programme Coordinator. She has managed complex academic departments with several different programmes at the Mary Immaculate College (MIC), both undergraduate and postgraduate, working as Clerical Officer within the Faculty of Arts for the Theology & Religious Studies Department. 

Working in an educational setting enabled her to be familiar with specific ways of working in such contexts. 

2005-2008 MSc Packaging Technology Loughborough University, England


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