Every year at this time we showcase the work of the University of Limerick’s Product Design + Technology graduating class through a series of public exhibitions. This year we are delighted to present the class of 2020 through a virtual exhibition. 2020 was an unusual year for everyone; Covid-19 restrictions impacted work and life in ways we could never have predicted. In spite, or perhaps because of, these dramatic changes, the work produced by this year’s graduates are some of the most innovative and exciting projects in recent years. Each project draws on extensive real-world research to address some big, and small challenges that affect the lives of everyday people. From sustainable footwear to farmer safety and from assistive technologies for people with visual impairments to menstrual products, the projects demonstrate the ways in which design can bring about positive change for not only individuals but also the planet. Other project solutions such as a cradle-to-cradle beehive and a training system for field sports demonstrate how design can also be fun and engaging.

As a course team we are hugely proud of the way our students conducted themselves, proactively worked through the obstacles, and produced work of merit that will have impact beyond the walls of the university.

Congratulations to the Product Design + Technology Class of 2020. We are really looking forward to seeing you disrupt the world!

We invite you to ‘walk through’ our online exhibition, examine the design process undertaken by the designers and explore the design solutions they developed. If anything piques your interest and you would like to know more, please get in touch with the graduate (their details are in their bio) or contact us at School.Design@ul.ie

Bain taitneamh as. Enjoy!

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