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Weijie Chen - Enhancing

Meet Weijie

Hi, my name is Weijie, and I am a product designer who grew up in Ennis, Co. Clare. From a young age, I have been interested in how products work and why people interact with them in the way they do. During my four years in UL, I have learned how to design products, solve problems from first principles and most importantly, how to empathise with the user. In addition, I have developed technical skills such as CAD modelling, visual design skills, using the Adobe Suite and design for manufacture.

As a designer, I am passionate about creating simple, effective, and impactful experiences for the user through the design of a product, service or system. User-centred design and Inclusive Design are at the core of my Final Design Project.

If you would like to get in touch with Weijie you can view his LinkedIn profile or email him. 


Enhancing is an interactive product aimed at improving fine motor skills, planning, and organising skills for people with Dyspraxia (DCD). Enhancing encourages the user to engage in hands-on physical interactions with the product, exercising their hand muscles through a series of deliberate and unconscious actions that have been incorporated into the everyday use of the product, which, over time, will contribute to improved dexterity.

Enhancing also encourages positive, supportive relationship building and interaction through the mobile app platform. In addition, the Enhancing App provides a platform for the users to improve their planning and organisational skills incrementally over time with the aid of their parents, teachers, or special needs assistant.

Enhancing consists of three separate components: An interactive exercise hub, a handheld task planning device, and a wireless charging station that promotes hands-on interactions.