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Thomas Minogue - Analog's HealthCheck Kit

Meet Thomas

Hi, my name is Thomas Minogue and I’m a Product Design & Technology graduate from Limerick. My best subjects in secondary school were Design and Communication Graphics and Engineering, which were a great help when entering this course. After 3.5 years here, half a year studying in the Hague, and a year on Co-Op, I developed a passion for 3D printing, illustrating, and CAD modelling. Creating tangible scale models were a blast as well. Through this course I was also able to develop my hobbies that benefit my design work: photography and drone videography. I am looking forward to working further with Analog in the coming weeks.

If you would like to get in touch with Thomas you can view his LinkedIn profile or email him.

Analog's HealthCheck Kit

I was able to get great insight into a new technology that Analog Devices were developing: a sensor that could be used to detect pathogens like viruses and bacteria. My challenge was to find a suitable use case and design how it would function.

Through research and ideation, my direction became to design an app and accompanying diagnosis kit that would work together to help recognise what condition a person has by recording symptoms.

The Diagnosis Kit comes with an inner ear thermometer, an otoscope (video camera for throat and ears), as well as the virus and bacteria test that uses sample-gathering swabs and vials with Analog’s sensor embedded in them. These tools are here to help confirm the diagnosis as well as to record the results for the GP.

Helpful recovery information is available through the app. The ability to contact the local GP is there too so video call appointments for additional information and prescriptions can be arranged.