Meet Sean

Hi, my name is Sean Reddington and I am a Product Designer from Oranmore, Co. Galway.

My design journey started in school with practical subjects like DCG and Construction. I loved these subjects as they were my first experience of bringing designs from paper to 3D and then into reality. This actualisation of ideas is what makes design so compelling to me. My favourite part of design is the practical and technical side of it, which is why I enjoy designing for manufacture and working within 3D space with software such as SolidWorks. While on Co-Op I worked directly with 3D printers. This exposed the world of additive manufacture and rapid prototyping to me, which played into my existing passion for CAD and working in 3D. In the future I hope to gain experience in this domain and use it to build on my existing skills as a designer.

If you would like to get in touch with Sean you can email him.


Kaboo is an active gaming device that enables children to play actively indoors, and outside. The device allows children to contact each other and play independent of their parents, without the need for a mobile phone. Kaboo can be used in multiple scenarios. Primarily, it is used to talk and play virtually with friends, but it can also be brought to class to play quizzes and make the class more engaging. Kaboo can also be brought to the park, or to a friend's house to play active games. Kaboo acts as an introduction to technology for kids to help them build a healthy relationship with technology from a young age.