Meet Seán

The reason I chose this course was because of the variety of new skills it has to offer. I really enjoyed working with my hands, problem solving and getting a sense of satisfaction when the job is successfully completed. I enjoyed working on the computer and developing new manufacturing skills which I also got to practice during my Co-Op placement. This course has provided me with knowledge, skills and friends that will last a lifetime.

After four years of studying Product Design & Technology I am a more driven and mature designer. In the future I hope to develop my skills even further and become the best designer I can be.

If you would like to get in touch with Seán you can view his LinkedIn profile or email him.

Electro Fence

My project is an electronic farm fencing system that allows the farmers to remotely control their grazing system through using an app. Electro Fence comprises a fence lock and a fence reel, controlled by an app on the farmer's phone. The farmer removes the fencing wire remotely by releasing the tension in the wire, using the fence lock, and then retracting the wire using a motorised reel. This gives the animals in the field fresh grass to graze.

The benefits of this system include a safer method for farmers to give animals access to fresh grass without the risk of an attack and better grass management. Farmers don’t have to rush to give move animals as this is often when accidents are most likely to happen. The technology embodied in the device allows the farmer to operate Electro Fence from anywhere, without a range limit.