Meet Ronan

My name is Ronan, and I am a designer from Durrow, a village in Co. Laois. My passion for design stems from my fascination with products and the curiosity of how things work. I have a particular interest in problem solving and learning from others to self-improve. Product design is an exciting, diverse area, making it my ideal career path.

Being a part of Product Design in UL was an excellent experience and through the years I can look back and see how my work has matured, showing the progression of my skills.

Industrial and visual design are areas I thoroughly enjoy, due to detailing and CMF considerations. I value sustainability and think it is important for designers to show their awareness to it.

If you would like to get in touch with Ronan you can view his LinkedIn profile or email him. 


With many people transitioning to a blended work style, accommodating this in contemporary and shared spaces is challenging. Pario is a solution to this challenge. It is a collapsible workspace system that provides users with a dedicated space to work from home. The flatpack design creates a small footprint making for easier handling and reduced shipping cost.

The adaptable workspace facilitates standing and sitting positions to encourage mobility while working. The gate-leg design is robust and compact, allowing for time-efficient set up/down processes.

Each element is designed with the user in mind, with simple but strong connections on movable parts. The rear of the desk stands on wheels and with the accompanying frame attachment, the workspace can move with ease.

The Pario system features multiple and adjustable storage solutions, a felt fabric privacy screen and laptop board, which conveniently fit into the storage unit of the design. The workspace comes in variety of finishes, allowing the user to customise their unique work-from-home space.