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Niamh Munday - Peel

Meet Niamh

For me, product design is about designing innovative and effective solutions to problems that affect people every day, while also adding an element of fun. I have always had a strong interest in sustainability, and this has developed throughout my studies into a passion for designing sustainable products. Throughout my FDP, I thoroughly enjoyed combining this interest with my love for sketching, visual communication and problem solving.

I strongly believe that good design can change the world for the better, and so for my FDP, I decided to use the skills I have learned during my degree to address the environmental issue of food & food-packaging waste.

The past four years in UL have offered me the incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a designer through a mix of design and practical problem solving, I can’t imagine finding a course I would have loved more!

If you would like to get in touch with Niamh you can view her LinkedIn profile or email her.


Peel is a product-service-system designed to eliminate the use of single-use food labels, reduce food waste in homes, and make shopping sustainably far more accessible to supermarket consumers.

Peel is made up of three key components:

  • The Peel system architecture, which ensures the functionality of each individual element.
  • The Peel app which serves as the consumer’s digital cupboard. Through the app, the user reduces their food waste & becomes a more environmentally conscious consumer. It also creates a community of consumers within the Peel system.
  • The key user touchpoint is the Peel reusable label which enables the communication of all necessary information through RFID chips, eliminates the use of single-use food labels, and ensures the easy separation & recycling of food packaging. After use, the label is returned instore, and re-enters this circular economy system.