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Molly O'Sullivan - SmartSpace

Meet Molly

Hi, my name is Molly O’Sullivan and I’m a designer from Galway. I have always had a passion for both engineering and design. Product Design & Technology has combined these perfectly for me. I chose to study product design to gain the tools to innovate with new technologies. Throughout my education I have acquired the mindset and skills necessary to be able to design effectively for what is going to come, while also improving what already exists. My passion is UX, and as a designer I am eager to craft meaningful and impactful experiences for users through user-centred design.

Looking back on my time in UL I can see how it has shaped me into the designer I am today. It has helped me to explore my various interests and opened multiple careers paths within the design industry.

If you would like to get in touch with Molly you can view her LinkedIn profile or email her. 


SmartSpace is an integrated booking system for offices and businesses who will adopt a hotdesking and flexible workplace setup. This will enable a seamless, safe transition as people return to offices on a temporary basis during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The working world has changed drastically due the current global pandemic. Now, over a year on from the beginning of lockdown, companies are being forced to consider the future for their business and in particular the office life we all were once accustomed to.

The system includes a device situated on each desk throughout the office for employees to easily find their desk and set up their workstation for that day.

Employee experience is at the forefront in many companies today. SmartSpace gives companies the tools and information needed to adapt their offices to employee needs, enhancing their employee experience.