Meet Maya

Hi, my name is Maya Brennan and I’m a PDT graduate. Growing up in a creative family, making things was always a big part of my life. When I found UL’s Product Design & Technology course, I knew it was the perfect fit for me! Throughout my four years studying at UL, I have developed a strong understanding of how to innovate, conceptualise, and manufacture products. I love being able to constantly work on new briefs and come up with new solutions to diverse problems. Going forward, I hope to continue expanding my design skillset and bringing more exciting ideas to life!

If you would like to get in touch with Maya you can view her LinkedIn profile or email her.


mySheltr is an innovative emergency shelter solution that can be easily scaled, customised and repaired on the field.

Thanks to its modular design, mySheltr can be assembled into limitless configurations depending on logistics, budget and location. Using mySheltr’s unique module kits, anyone can build an emergency shelter in under 1 hour - with no special tools or training necessary. MySheltr also offers a wide range of interchangeable modules, including windows, mosquito netting, insulation and more!